Water saving & safety


Water saving projects

When it comes to savings projects, many property owners request a external installationpartner.
This is a good and easy alternative because the property owner quickly begins the savings phase and the risk of a protracted and unstructured installation is eliminated.
In connection with water saving projects, we offer the following added values:

  • Notification
  • Installation documentation (regarding installed products, existing mixers, radiators, white goods, etc.).
  • Fault and leakage control (regarding existing mixers, toilets, radiators, etc.).
  • Documentation of faults and leaks Installation of other products or performance of other service work (eg installation of sensors, replacement of smoke alarm, etc.).
  • Follow-up and reporting of savings etc.

We are water saving professionals.

Feasibility study & Demonstration

We carry out a feasibility study together with you, where we also demonstrate our products and decide on the best water savings with you.
After a feasibility study, we will give you a well-prepared quote.

Water saving Specialists

We are specialists in water saving, we do not blindly install a product but calculate what will be best for both residents and water saving.
We simply perform Water Saving.

Good for the local environment

By performing water saving, we reduce the strain on the local water environment.
Less amounts of water that are purified completely unnecessarily and more capacity that benefit the local water reserves.

Before Water saving

Irregular Pressure & Flow

The pressure changes per floor, usually those who live at the bottom get the majority of the water flow as a typical static limiter cannot handle too high or too low pressures.
This means that those who live at the top of a building barely get any water.

Bad Experience

Showering or washing in too low a flow becomes a very bad experience.
Difficult to get clean and the washout ability is scarce.

"Money washed away"

About 60% of all hot water goes straight down the drain.
That means, the cost of heating it literally washes away.

After Water saving

Even distribution of Flow

Now all apartments have the same conditions, this provides a controlled flow throughout the property. See the picture for a visual description.

Raised Standards

By using premium products, a higher standard is given both in comfort but also appearance with eg: chrome hose and nozzles.

"Every little helps"

By the association making water savings, you save both cash and the environment.
With an ROI of 8-24 months, there are not many reasons to wait.


Water saving Standards


6-8L /min

Sink / Washbasin


Authorized Installer


Chromed 3 Functional shower adapted for lower flows

Chrome Shower Hose

Chromed hose that gives a feeling of exclusivity.

Shower Regulator



Water Safety

Dropstop600 Water alarm

Dropstop 600 is powered by a 9V battery

DropStop 600, mounted in hidden spaces and kitchen cabinets where there is a risk of leakage. Warns with signal, so you have time to detect leakage before damage has occurred.

Dropstop 700 Water Alarm

Powered by 230vac, mounted in a standard wall socket

The water alarm is powered by 230vac and mounted in a standard 230vac wall socket. The socket can still be used by, for example, a dishwasher.

Dropstop 200

Passar perfekt i små
hidden spaces

Mounted in hidden spaces and kitchen cabinets where there is a risk of leakage. Warns with signal, so you have time to detect leakage before damage has occurred. At least 10 years of life.


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